Hi everyone and welcome to Project Unicorn!

I’m Laura, and I’m starting this site as the precursor to my YouTube channel (links to be set up once I’ve found the sparkly courage to get up in front of a camera!)

In the following posts, I’ll be talking about my life, including my depression and migraines, my everyday happiness, my writing (I’m a fiction writer working on a teen vampire series) and my family.

I may also include some bits and pieces about continuous improvement in here, because that’s what I do for a living right now and it can be pretty interesting.

Hope you have fun!

Next time, I’m DEFINITELY using my laptop though! My phone is so slow! I’d be here till I was a wizened old lady if I had to write my book on this thing!

FYI, snippet into today’s life. Played fetch with my dog, Lilly for 45 minutes earlier and actually forgot how to throw after a while! Thanks goodness she throws the ball herself sometimes. Looking after my sister in law’s cats right now and got an affectionate nibble from one of them. What normal animals consider to be aggression, cats use to show affection… I love em.

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