Well, folks… the Christmas break is over. And it’s back to studying. My next assignment is due on the 19th so I’d better crack open my study books again and read the essay question… That’s always a good start.

But all I wanna do is write my book and create YouTube videos! I’ve filmed my first one now and I’m addicted!

It’s not live on YouTube yet as I want to create a couple more and have a little stock of videos ready for if/when people decide to mosey on over and check out the channel. I’ll be sure to post about it here, don’t you worry!!!

Chapter Six is going quite well, though. I’ve been sticking to my New Year’s resolutions ‘fairly’ well so far… I skipped writing a sentence for one day and made up for it by writing about two pages the following day… I’m a bit of a fits-and-bursts writer. Future Editor: sorry ’bout that! Hee hee.

I think the thing I love the most about my YouTube video so far is the little Unicorn at the opening, and the giggle that he makes! I mean, yes, it was my giggle that I recorded, and oh my goodness! It’s so frickin’ CUTE! It makes me laugh so much every time I hear it. Y’know, I may have rewound and listened to the opening giggle like, a thousand times last night, just for fun.

Ah, who needs to be a grown up?

But I really should be semi-responsible. I want to get a better grade in my next assignment. When I first started this second year of my degree, I was shocked at how much I’d forgotten over the summer holidays. My first essay was ABISMAL! No wonder I got such a shocking score. So I pulled my socks up and churned out a better essay the next time. A 15 point improvement, or thereabouts.

Now, to smash the 80% mark like I did last year!


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