Oh my goodness, peeps, I’m SO excited! I’m on YouTube!

I filmed my first video last Friday and published it at the weekend, and my second video is live from 3.30pm UK-Time today!

The videos are so much fun to create and edit, and I’m already getting so many positive comments from some truly amazing fellow YouTubers.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be possible without my amazing wife, Claire, the artist behind the awesome Blacksummer Colouring channel. You can check out her amazing artwork here:


It’s truly addictive. I’m totally kicking Claire out of her studio for a bit tonight so that I can film Friday’s video (I want to upload every Tuesday and Friday).

The content is really light and cheerful. As much as possible, I want to spread happiness and positivity, and generally make people laugh. The videos are a great opportunity for me to have a natter about my life, my experiences and issues that are near and dear to me, including mental health (particularly depression and anxiety), migraines, writing and the daily fight to be happy.

I’ve already started planning for my future videos, including how I could incorporate the reality of living with depression (just a peek, though, as we don’t want to share sadness) and migraines, as well as my coping mechanisms and things I’ve found that cheer me up.

I’m going to have a couple of different Marvin the Unicorn pictures for the thumbnail, to let people know what the video will be about, or at least the theme of the video. E.g. the normal Marvin is upside down, and he looks so happy to be doing a hand-stand. A sad Marvin will be crying, to quickly warn people away from the video if they don’t feel up for watching someone else be sad (I know sometimes I don’t have the strength that day, but could watch it another time), and the little doodle that I did of Marvin in pain when I have a migraine (to warn people that I might not make sense and I will look TERRIBLE on camera!)

Then, as the channel progresses, I may even get more!

One of the things I love about the video set up is the opportunity for people to ask me questions. Claire had the genius idea to create a Jar of Unicorn Wisdom (basically, a cute jar for those days when I need some external inspiration) full of questions or little challenges for me to answer/do, and I’ve already had a couple of people ask me other questions in the comments! This means I can then add these to the jar and answer them at random on camera!

I’m literally bouncing in my chair right now, I’m so happy! And because it’s giving me such a buzz and so much energy, I’m finding myself writing more. I’ve done way more than a sentence a day for the past few days, so Chapter Six is coming along swimmingly.

Uni work? … Not so much… I’m going to do it… Maybe this weekend???

No! No, I’m going to start… well, I might do some of the reading tonight… After I film… I’ll have time… surely… Problem is, I’m working a bit later tonight, and I’ve got to drop off a clothes order return on the way to pick Claire up from work…

This week is turning out to be quite busy, actually. Clothing returns tonight (to try and make up for all the money I spent on myself over Christmas… sales don’t count, do they…?, sisters-in-law over on Thursday, and Friday sees Louis the cat going to the vets for a booster vaccination (bless him!) and then Claire and I are taking her sister out for dinner…

I have Wednesday… I know, I’ll edit my video and do some Uni work on Wednesday… and then it’s the weekend again. Yay! Sorted.

Claire and I are going to do a collaboration soon between our channels. It’s going to be so good! I’ll post a link when it comes out!

Right, well, I was writing this over my lunch break and I need to gobble down my sandwich now before I head back to my desk. If I’m quick, I’ll be able to squeeze in a bit of writing before I have to go to my next project meeting…


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