Migraines ARE bad!

Migraines ARE bad!

I had a really bad migraine yesterday, though the comparison today means that I now feel SO much better! Wooh!

I’m back at work and managing my sickness plan; coming up with new ways to stay at work despite depression and migraines getting me down.

Still going strong with the YouTube videos – my 13th video is going live today, and I’ll be filming some more to load as well! I want to start vlogging because I think it’ll help me keep my perspective on life, especially useful when I get sad and feel like I’ve been depressed for weeks at a time. Sometimes it’s nice to look back on an older video and see myself bubbly and smiling – I can remind myself that I don’t always feel so blue.

Another assignment is due!

Aaah! University! The bane of my existence! Well, not entirely… but I really do SUCK at analysing poetry. Let’s hope that my next assignment, due next week, on analysing two books, is more successful. I just don’t GET rhyme and meter… ah well. C’est la vie. I don’t intend to be a poetry teacher anyway. Thank goodness! I’d be teaching the kids that Baa Baa Black Sheep was written in free verse or some such nonsense…

It’s also a good thing that I’m not trying to become a Shakespearean actor… I also suck at analysing Mr William.


I’m making (slow) progress on the novel. Did a bit of writing on Monday, before the two-day migraine hit… And I fully intend to do some more writing this evening as well. In between reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson, that is…

I want to get Chapter Six finished by the end of this weekend…

Wish me luck!


Migraines aren’t so bad

Migraines aren’t so bad

Hey peeps, and welcome to another Project Unicorn blog!

I’m feeling REALLY GOOD today! I woke up with a mild migraine starting in my left eye, but after taking a tablet and having another hours’ sleep, I’m OKAY! This is fantastic news, my fellow herd-members! It means the medication is working and gives me a chance to get back to my normal life!

What am I up to this weekend?

So, right now I’m editing a video for the YouTube channel that was *supposed* to go up yesterday… I got distracted… so that’ll be posted today. Then I’m going to do some networking and give myself permission to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, where I basically lose about 4 hours just watching other peoples’ videos and commenting on their content.

Then it’s time for a bit of uni work. My next assignment is due in 3 weeks so I want to get a head start in case I get ill again. I don’t think I will, but it’s better to be organised, eh?

THEN, a bit of Hybrid and making a roast dinner. Claire’s hoping to live stream on Twitch this evening so we’re going to eat earlier so she’s all full and ready for a 4 hour art session.

Of course, a spot of cleaning and some laundry will feature in between these activities. I think I’ll walk the dogs when Claire’s live-streaming… It’ll be dark but there are some nice walks in well-lit areas where we can go, and I’ll take them to Bradgate Park tomorrow for a big run around.

Wooh! Onwards!

Life (and other distractions)

Life (and other distractions)

Hey peeps, and welcome to another Project Unicorn post! Wow, these last few weeks have FLOWN by! I feel as though I only just wrote the Poorly Unicorn post, but here we are, on the 1st of February…

What have I been up to?

Well, I FINALLY got my assignment in, and am now waiting for the results to come back. I really hope I get a good grade… I worked so hard on those 1,500 words! I’ve never struggled to get a sentence out as much as I did when considering the rhyme scheme of two Romantic era poems.

Eugh. For a writer, I don’t enjoy studying the language itself. I think it’s because, for me, it takes the spontaneous inspiration out of the moment, the flow from the creative world to the page through my fingers on the keyboard… I find my writing either very stilted or woefully fast-paced and shallow when I’m writing by hand, too. I don’t think my hand can keep up with the words in my mind, whereas I can type much faster and so keep up with the ideas as I’m having them.

I think it might also be because writing, for me, isn’t a conscious act; I’m simply a conduit for the things happening in the other world that I can see, and I can see into the characters’ minds and so record what’s happening. I’m just a means of getting the story out into this world… If I then start to break it down and analyse why a writer chose a certain word… It takes some of the magic out of it for me.

Still, I’m doing a Creative Writing module next year, which should be a lot more fun. And I’m learning a lot of valuable lessons about writing and literature in general. If nothing else, it’s all good practice in essay writing and constructing a solid argument.


I’ve now got 9 videos up on my Project Unicorn channel – this latest addition is a slightly longer video where I cover 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years! (I’m nearly 28, so it’s a valid question).

Check it out here!


Other life stuff

Aside from much filming and editing, I’ve sort of just been sorted out things in the house. Our boiler sort of exploded at the weekend, spraying water into the utility room and switching off. Permanently. Cold showers for US for two days! Brrr!

Managed to get the supply company to come out yesterday and they fixed it up. Fortunately, we have an extended warranty so the costs were covered, but oh boy!


My new medication does seem to be helping with the migraines… They’re certainly not as painful as they were… I’m meeting my GP soon for a review, and I’m certainly going to ask that I stay on them, and possibly increase the dose. If I can crack the right combination I think I’ll do much better.

My anxiety does seem to be rearing its ugly Steve-the-Evil-Monkey head at the moment, though. I wonder if this is because the old migraine medication was also used to treat anxiety, whereas now this new tablet is just for migraines and mood disorders… It’s hard to tell how long I’ve been anxious for, because it feels like forever… In truth, I think it’s only been about a week… And I have had a few things to be anxious about, such as being put onto a sickness improvement plan at work (standard procedure) and the boiler breaking.

Maybe I’m thinking into this too much. I’m sure I’ll be fine…

Well, I’ll chat about it with my GP and see what he says.

Toodles for now!