Hey peeps, and welcome to another Project Unicorn blog!

I’m feeling REALLY GOOD today! I woke up with a mild migraine starting in my left eye, but after taking a tablet and having another hours’ sleep, I’m OKAY! This is fantastic news, my fellow herd-members! It means the medication is working and gives me a chance to get back to my normal life!

What am I up to this weekend?

So, right now I’m editing a video for the YouTube channel that was *supposed* to go up yesterday… I got distracted… so that’ll be posted today. Then I’m going to do some networking and give myself permission to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, where I basically lose about 4 hours just watching other peoples’ videos and commenting on their content.

Then it’s time for a bit of uni work. My next assignment is due in 3 weeks so I want to get a head start in case I get ill again. I don’t think I will, but it’s better to be organised, eh?

THEN, a bit of Hybrid and making a roast dinner. Claire’s hoping to live stream on Twitch this evening so we’re going to eat earlier so she’s all full and ready for a 4 hour art session.

Of course, a spot of cleaning and some laundry will feature in between these activities. I think I’ll walk the dogs when Claire’s live-streaming… It’ll be dark but there are some nice walks in well-lit areas where we can go, and I’ll take them to Bradgate Park tomorrow for a big run around.

Wooh! Onwards!

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