I had a really bad migraine yesterday, though the comparison today means that I now feel SO much better! Wooh!

I’m back at work and managing my sickness plan; coming up with new ways to stay at work despite depression and migraines getting me down.

Still going strong with the YouTube videos – my 13th video is going live today, and I’ll be filming some more to load as well! I want to start vlogging because I think it’ll help me keep my perspective on life, especially useful when I get sad and feel like I’ve been depressed for weeks at a time. Sometimes it’s nice to look back on an older video and see myself bubbly and smiling – I can remind myself that I don’t always feel so blue.

Another assignment is due!

Aaah! University! The bane of my existence! Well, not entirely… but I really do SUCK at analysing poetry. Let’s hope that my next assignment, due next week, on analysing two books, is more successful. I just don’t GET rhyme and meter… ah well. C’est la vie. I don’t intend to be a poetry teacher anyway. Thank goodness! I’d be teaching the kids that Baa Baa Black Sheep was written in free verse or some such nonsense…

It’s also a good thing that I’m not trying to become a Shakespearean actor… I also suck at analysing Mr William.


I’m making (slow) progress on the novel. Did a bit of writing on Monday, before the two-day migraine hit… And I fully intend to do some more writing this evening as well. In between reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson, that is…

I want to get Chapter Six finished by the end of this weekend…

Wish me luck!

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