How do I stay happy?

Hey peeps, and welcome to another (long overdue!) Project Unicorn blog!

I’m so sorry for abandoning this blog for so long! It’s a combination of not being very happy recently (and being a bit unwell) – see video below for more details – and being super busy writing my book (that’s good news!)

I’m feeling better now!

And back to my usual, bubbly self. Ready to record some new Project Unicorn videos and re-engage with positive thinking, promoting happiness to help with mental health, and being a nice person. I was in a really low place a few weeks ago, and even had a dip over the weekend following a migraine, but no matter how many times the nasty little voice in the back of my mind (Steve, as I call him) tells me I’m a failure, too fat, not good enough or not interesting enough to succeed at my ambitions in life, there is a stronger voice at the core of me, that glittery, diamond core, fighting back and saying ‘No. I’m worth it. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be successful. Nobody can stop me. I believe in myself.’

And the good news is, after all these months and years of saying this to myself, this voice is now louder and stronger than the nasty little Steve the Demon Monkey voice of self-doubt and self-hate.

I’m okay. And I’m going to keep being okay, one day at a time, one step at a time. Even if all I do is breathe, and keep living. Keep going.

So, what makes me happy? What gives me this confidence?

George, the Self-Esteem Cat

This is George. He’s an absolutely AMAZING puppet cat created by Xingcat on YouTube. Xingcat has his own blog, available here: < link > It’s a great read, and I highly recommend following it. He posts a LOT more often than I do, so you won’t be disappointed!!!

All of Xingcat’s videos are inspiring and motivational. THEY’RE ALSO HILARIOUS. But by far, my absolutely favourites are the George Self-Esteem videos.

I’ve said this many times in the comments to Xingcat, but I’m TOTALLY going to teach our children to say ‘I don’t know’ like Dog. If you don’t know how Dog says ‘I don’t know’… you really need to watch a video right now. I’ll wait. This is a blog. It’s not going anywhere. Hehe.

The messages from George are uplifting and easy to digest. I will often watch two or three back to back whilst washing up in the evening. They’re just full of hope and self-acceptance, which is so important. And Xingcat is such an amazing guy – he’s one of the best fellow creators anyone could ask for really, because he shares all of your stuff like a crazy person and is totally committed to supporting fellow creators in this world.

Hats off to you, Xingcat!!!

Life Goals

I was having a development catch up with my line manager the other day, and he asked me what I want to do in 5 years’ time. As I stared down the tunnel of time and imagined 2022, a scary concept because we’ll be in the 20’s, I realised that I wanted to be:

  • A published author (earning money from my books)
  • A professional YouTube creator – Project Unicorn and daily vlogging
  • A teacher – ideally primary school children

And these are just 3 of the things I came up with. I’d also love to be a Creative Writing lecturer, a film maker, run my own homestead, or livery yard, or dog walking and care business…

Yeah, I want to do everything! What I definitely DON’T want to do is stay in my current role, as comfortable as it is, because it doesn’t play to my strengths, it doesn’t challenge me in the areas where I want to grow, and doesn’t fulfil me emotionally or intellectually.

Does, however, pay a nice little salary… Hehe, so I’ll work hard for them until I can find pay my way with my passions.

Darn you, adult life and responsibilities!

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