Hello, my name’s Laura. I’m an author, working on a series of young adult vampire novels, and… I’m a unicorn. Now, don’t look at me like that. I’m obviously not a four-legged mythical creature with a horn on my head, because if I had four legs and hooves, I couldn’t be typing right now (unless I had voice-activated software, or magic… but I don’t.)

UNICORN nounĀ  [yoo-nee-korn]

A person who is loving and kind, creative and funny, who respects everyone and challenges discrimination and hate of every kind. Someone who pursues happiness, for themselves and others.


My personal mission to be happy, and to make other people happy. To help others learn to love and accept themselves, the way I have come to love and accept myself.

This blog will contain many rambles about my life, including my writing, my dogs, my cats, my wife (an artist on YouTube, see BlacksummerColouring), my YouTube videos, mental health issues, LGBTQ+ issues and the pursuit of happiness.