Storytime Saturday: How I proposed to my wife

Hey peeps, and welcome to another Project Unicorn blog!

Today, I want to share with you the story of how I proposed to my wife. It was such a typical example of our relationship and it formed part of my wedding speech.

It’s our 3 year wedding anniversary in July and I’m looking back through our wedding photos in preparation.


I proposed in 2009. Claire had moved in with me at my parents’ house cos she was still in uni but needed a break from home, and we were definitely back together  (after the on-off-on-again 2006-2008 phase).

I knew I wanted to marry her, or at least get a civil partnership, which was our only option at the time, but proposing is really SCARY so I sort of wanted to test the waters first and get a sense of how receptive she was to the idea.

Subtle I am not.

So there we are, sat on the end of our bed, talking about rental flats versus waiting and saving to buy a house, and I say, super casually (of course):

“I guess, before we get a mortgage, we should probably get married…?”

And she just looked at me for a long minute and said, rather incredulously,

“Did you just propose?!”

Now, this was a scary position to be in because if I said no, she might be too upset for me to try again, meaning I’d blown my chance forever, but if I said yes then it was the crappiest proposal in the history of the world ever.

So… I hedged my bets and said…


It’s gets better…

“But not really… but if I was… what would you say? Cos I really want to surprise you by proposing on valentine’s day only… oh crap, well, surprise!”


Of course, after we laughed about me being a dummy and the worst person at keeping secrets, Claire said yes and burst into tears of joy.

And then I said,

“But I’ve not really proposed, because you propose with a ring, this is just the pre-proposal, so you have to wait till valentine’s day.”

2 weeks later and we’re walking into H Samuel the jewellers for engagement rings.

But I kept the box and on valentine’s day I put a Haribo gummy ring inside, got down on one knee and proposed properly.

Enter more tears and hugging.

… we still ended up getting a mortgage before we got married though…

Wedding photo.JPG